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Responsive Design

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The Project:

  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Print Design

Kirkwood Stair & Millwork company is a team of designers, craftsmen, wood carvers, and installers who have been creating custom and architectural millwork since 1899. Owner, Brian Berger, wanted to elevate their overall brand when he enlisted the Loft's assistance. Additionally, Kirkwood Stair had also recently taken on a huge project: to build and assemble the grand staircase at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, MO. We documented the construction and installation of the staircase with photography and time-lapse. Once the staircase was finished, it took 12 men to load it onto the truck! Upon arrival at Big Cedar Lodge, the two sections of the staircase were lifted into place by a crane – the entire installation process was captured in time-lapse.

In addition to photography, we were commissioned to re-design the Kirkwood Stair website. They had recently expanded their millwork expertise to include natural wood countertops, and wanted to showcase the beauty of this new product on their website to their builder, contractor, homeowner and designer clients. We determined the content focus needed to be on their higher level approach and philosophy. Our goal was to tell the story of the artisans and craftsmen, and the quality and detail they put into every woodwork project. We built their website on a Content Management System, which enables them to make text updates at any time. We also made it a responsive design, adapting to the size of any device screen.

For Kirkwood Stair customers interested in wood countertops, we developed the Wood Countertop Estimator. This application enables potential customers to build and customize their wood countertop selecting the wood countertop plan, dimensions, wood type and grain pattern, edge profiles, freight and crate, and more. The application generates a cost estimate that is emailed to both the potential customer and Kirkwood Stair, facilitating easy follow-up.

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